The purchase cost of Tactile 3D has been reduced. Please see the authorize page for details.

The Tactile 3D licence now allows two machine installs per key plus a single backup copy. It used to be only one. The new licence may also be applied to earlier versions of the software if you don't want to download the most recent 1.4.0 version.

Tactile 3D V1.4.0 now officially supports Windows 7. It's still a 32bit application, but has been tested on 64bit (x64) installs.

Tactile 3D now supports 3Dconnexion® devices like the Space Navigator™. Read more about them out at www.3dconnexion.com. These devices are very accurate and it's a lot of fun to boot around in Tactile with them.

In addition, this release supports improved thumbnail quality, and a newer sound driver. Check out the Change List for the details.

A shiny new theme to go along with a shiny new release is available. The Baut theme can now be downloaded by all authorized users. In addition, there is a new version of Tactile 3D, version 1.3.5, with new features and various other improvements. Here's the precis:

God Mode : In God mode you can navigate straight through container walls to speed up navigation times. Holding the tilda key down can be used to temporarily enter God Mode even if it's not enabled in the options.

Directory Shortcuts : Directory link files (shortcuts) are now much more powerful. When you double-click one the file-system tree is traversed to get to the destination directory instead of just opening an explorer window. Selecting 'open' will still launch an explorer window if desired.

Skyboxes During Evaluation : Skyboxes may now be used while still evaluating the product.

Thumbnail Generation Speed : Another speedup and quality improvement to initial thumbnail generation.

Stadium Sorting by Default : Changed the default sorting shape to Stadium for previously unvisited locations. A method of allowing user-specified default arrangments is still forthcoming.

Baut Theme Avavilable : Was this mentioned before?

The full list of changes, including bug fixes and other details, is available in the Change List.

Sky-boxes, sky-boxes, sky-boxes!
Cubed3 has converted their huge collection of sky-boxes to Tactile 3D's box format. Simply download the one you want and place it in the Tactile 3D 'Skyboxes' folder. There are over 150 to choose from!

The next release of Tactile 3D will probably allow skyboxes to be used even for the evaluation version. Other ongoing work includes a theme-building kit for authorized users as well as a new theme. Stay tuned.

Version 1.2.7 is now available. This minor update addresses a number of not-so-minor issues:

Better selection effect : The previous effect was not consistent over different hardware with different z-buffer resolutions. The current selection widget changes colour and rotates in the opposite direction when an object is opened. Rotation speed is (inversely) proportional to how long ago the file was changed.

Texture Quality : Wired skybox textures are now much higher quality and less blurry.

Thumbnail Generation Speed : Significantly faster initial thumbnail and icon generation.

Skybox Tool : The skybox tool now handles more image file types including dds files.

Fixed AVI Thumbnail Bug : Fixed bug where AVI and other movie thumbnails were showing up black.

Driver Lighting Workaround : Workaround for an issue with some graphics card drivers causing objects to be lit unintentionally.

Squirrel Script : Began integrating the Squirrel scripting language into Tactile 3D. This work is ongoing.

For a more detailed description of the changes take a peek at the Change List.

Version 1.2.5 is now available. Authorized users now have access to the Tactile 3D Skybox Creation Tool. Screenshots of various skyboxes are forthcoming, but there are a couple already posted in the forums. A good collection of skybox textures can be found at cubed3. Other improvements include:

Easier Theme Switching : Options tool now is able to restart Tactile when significant changes occur like theme or skybox changes.

Easier Upgrade : No need to uninstall the previous version. Just run the installer. It will automatically authorize the product using the previous key.

Bug Fixes : Some stability related bugs have been fixed and minor features like loading splash-screen.

PayPal is now available as an alternative payment method. Authorization keys get sent as soon as the transaction clears; which is immediate in most cases but may take longer for eChecks. Direct immediate payment via InternetSecure is still available.

A tutorial video, Using Tactile 3D to manage image content , is now available in the documention area. It shows how photos taken with a digital camera may be transferred from the memory card, viewed, and managed by Tactile 3D.

A tutorial video, Using Tactile 3D to manage audio content , is now available in the documention area. Hope it gives you some ideas.

Version 1.1.4 of Tactile 3D is now available for download. It features all of the improvements listed below. A complete list of changes is available in the Change List Document. Get the free download from the download area. The press release for these improvements may be found here. Have fun organizing your audio CDs and mp3 files in 3D!

The next release is about a week away. So what's new and exciting? Well, this release will offer better support for viewing, organizing, and listening to audio files and audio CDs. You will be able to organize your music in 3D. Tactile 3D will support the CDDB protocol and connect to www.freedb.org or a mirror that supports the protocol. This will allow album names and song titles, as well as other relevant information like genre, artist, and year, to be displayed inside the 3D environment. Playing an entire CD will be possible by right-clicking and selecting "open" on the audio CD sphere. Improvements are not limited to audio however. Here is a short list:

AZERTY (French) Keyboard Support : This is a stop-gap measure until full keyboard configuration is implemented. It will allow the ZQSD keys to be used for strafing and movement if you have an AZERTY keyboard.

Better Hidden Directory Rendering : Hidden directories currently show the objects inside as completely opaque. They will appear appropriately semitransparent in the next release.

Ability to Tweak the Control System : The ability to set how much mouse movement will cause rotations will be present. Additionally an overall sensitivity setting will be provided for those that demand faster response times.

Mute Persistent Sounds Option : You will be able to mute the continuous sound effects. This is useful if audio is being played while navigating withing Tactile 3D. One-shot transient effects will still get played.

Improved Cache Performance : Improved cache performance when lots of thumbnails have been generated. CD information will also be cached to reduce web traffic and allow disc information to be displayed even if the internet connection is lost.

Better Documentation and some Bug Fixes : The boring but important stuff. Some of that will be done as well.

An AVI movie showing Tactile 3D in operation is now available. Work on the user manual has been started. The user manual explains all of Tactile 3D's options and key bindings. Both of these items are available on the documentation page.

The Wired theme press release has just gone live. You can read the official statement here:
There is now also a documentation page on this web site. Currently the content of interest is an interface design article and the Tactile 3D read-me.

Good news on two fronts. The Wired theme is now available to authorized users. Additionally, the cost of authorizing has been reduced to $29.95USD. Screenshots of the new theme are available on the images page. The new core installer is required before installing the new theme. This installer includes a number of small bug-fixes such as better thumbnail generation as well as being able to render the sky box; a requirment of the new theme.

Development of the Wired theme continues. A new screenshot is viewable from the images page. Work on an upgrade build is also progressing. The upgrade will contain small enhancements like the ability to adjust control speed plus a few other minor enhancements. For those who have authorized their copies of Tactile 3D, thank you. Your key will work with the upgraded version as well as allow the download of the new Wired theme.

The Tactile 3D press release has hit the wire. Read it here.

Release! What more is there to say? Version 1.0.1 is now available for download!

Beta-testing is winding down and initial release preparations are under way! The beta team did an awesome job helping improve this product. Currently the goal is to release on October 11, 2005. T3D will ship with a single theme, Orbis. A second theme, Wired, should be completed within a month of release. It will be available as an add-on to those who authorize the product.

Well, Tactile 3D is now in beta. The beta test list is closed. Exciting but scary. On the path to a release.

How does that saying go? Good things come to those that wait? Progress is steady on the art side, but a beta is probably still a week and a half away. It will not be a public beta, so those on the beta-test list will be the most affected. Thanks for all your patience!

A week or so more and Tactile 3D will be Beta. Hopefully it will be a solid one and release can be expected within 6 weeks or so after beta. In the mean time, the 2005.06.28 screenshot is worth looking at. In terms of development too much has happened to comment on it all. A partial list includes: an LOD system, impostored geometry, a skybox, all major file moving and copying functionality, and more SFX.

There hasn't been an update here in a while because development has taken a front seat. So far the "secret hope" of the previous news item is not out of the question. Also, check out this article at web3Dnews about Tactile 3D.

Many of the buttons on models are... well, nearly working. There is now a quick select mode allowing the file or directory name to be typed, narrowing the selection as you type. Some work on trying to get the rendering speed up. Selected files, folders, and drives get detailed information displayed underneath their models. Other stuff too. Just thought some kind of update would be a good idea. Work is still progressing :) Secretly hoping for a beta within the next 3 months. Take a look at the 2005.01.07 screenshot.